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Art is Fashion is Art

Atelier Ripetta – via Lucrezio Caro, Roma
From 21 to 28 January 2012

The human figure is used by Carlos to represent the life of the individuals who shared a part of the artist’s life. The use of black and white allows Carlos to present the bare human body, at cold-blooded moments while the addition of color softens the style and makes the figure ductile, almost melancholic.

The Still Life paintings of this exhibition show us a different Carlos. The Still Life method was developed when the objects of daily life became part of the pictorial space. Consequently, the message is more immediate, sensory and reaches us directly to the heart. From the meticulous and pleasant representation of non important objects such as fruits, vegetables and food to the reflection on the evanescence of life… However, at the base of these works there is a refined and formal design because for Carlos the design is “word”.