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Sublime Contrasts

ART G.A.P. Gallery – via di San Francesco a Ripa 105/A, Roma
From 10 to 22 October 2015

Personal exhibition by Carlos Giordano

The images, the strong colors and the refined shapes of this exhibition follow two different lines: The materiality of the sensory experiences evoked by the Indian turbans (Body) and the spirituality of the compact beauty that arises from the monochrome representation of the stone sculptures (Soul).


Refined observer, attentive and tireless in his various journeys, Carlos Giordano offers two series of paintings that contemplate different aspects of his artistic research: that of the “Turbanti” is a sort of narration of the atmospheres, faces, cities that have impressed the artist’s eye and mind through the common thread of the classic Indian headdress, translated into multiple colors and multifaceted attitudes. On the other hand the series of “Buddhas”, manifests an internal reflection on the search of the self, questions why beauty is destroyed, defaced, wounded. A collection of paintings, therefore, that accomplishes two different aspects of Giordano’s aesthetic research: the sensorial perception of material, symbolically represented by the turbans, and the intellectual understanding of consciousness, through the images of the Buddhas.

Giordano’s painting shows the situations and objects investigated through a special aesthetic point of view of reality: it is the contemplation of the beauty inherent in everything, the intellectual capacity to transform into refined, every daily gesture, every current object. As expressed by the art historian Daniela Semprebene, Carlos Giordano is a charming and refined man who knows how to transform any shape into an elegant one through a very accurate pictorial technique based primarily on the harmony of the chromatic shades.

In Giordano’s canvases everything is an agreement of shapes and colors and even the crudest or most banal reality is interpreted through a balanced intellectual attitude that pushes the viewer to reflect on any necessary allegory. The way he styles the most classic representation is the keystone for an ideal of timeless elegance, a balanced and harmonious way of life that inspires his artistic technique.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication of digital support which includes, in addition to the specific catalog of the works presented, a series of multimedia contents including an interview that Carlos Giordano released to Fil Rouge magazine.